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After personal experiences with pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, infant loss, high-risk pregnancy,
perinatal mood disorders, & experiencing unfair and discriminatory treatment practices during the birth
of my first child as a Black woman, wife, and mother, I immediately became an advocate for change to
eliminate reproductive injustices that currently exist. As a result, I created It Takes a Village Family
Support Services (ITAV), LLC to provide support, education, & training to individuals, parents, families, and communities during monumental times in their lives.

As a Full Spectrum Doula, I am honored to offer assistance, information, & resources that empower
individuals to make informed decisions. My birthing philosophy is ALL birth is natural and should go
according to the personal plan of the birthing person WITHOUT any judgment. I am there to encourage,
serve, & assist in making sure my clients feel seen, heard, and supported. I provide this service across
the reproductive health spectrum ranging from cycle awareness/fertility, birth control education,
pregnancy, birth, postpartum, pregnancy loss, newborn care support, infant feeding options, perinatal
mental health, and much more.

As an Educator, I specialize in Full-Spectrum, Birth, and Postpartum Doula Education licensed by Doula
Trainings International (DTI) As one person, I am only able to assist a limited amount of families.
However, I am honored and consider it a privilege to teach and equip doulas with knowledge, skills, and
mentorship as they begin their new journey to serve others while breaking down the barriers that
currently exist. In partnering with local school districts, I provide student and family engagement
workshops. I facilitate Families in Action, Teens in Action, and Active Parenting workshops licensed by
Active Parenting Publishers. In April 2021, I will be a certified Childbirth Educator and plan to offer
childbirth education classes in the community.

-Keisha Zackery, MSL (She/Her)

Educator. Advocate. Doula.

We believe all women can embrace who they are,
can define their future, and can change the world.

Our Mission

What is a doula?

A doula is a non-medical support person that provides emotional, educational, and physical support for all reproductive health events spanning cycle awareness & fertility to pregnancy, birth, and postpartum support for the birthing person, newborn, and other family members.

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What impact can a doula have on black maternal health?

  • Increase in vaginal births, reducing the number of cesarean births which is higher among black women

  • Shorter labors & decrease the frequency of unnecessary & costly medical interventions.

  • Increase the rate of breastfeeding, which improves the health of new moms & babies which is less common among black or low-income women.

  • Higher APGAR scores for babies (heart rate, respiration, muscle tone)

  • Increased satisfaction with childbirth experience; decreased negative birth experiences

  • Provides community, connection, support, knowledge, advocacy, encouragement, & empowerment

  • Provides a positive atmosphere, calming presence, comfort, & a safe space to share feelings and ask questions

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